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Company Outline

President Hiroshi Takenaka
Established 29, August, 1988
Capital \90million
Main Shareholders Onomichi Dockyard CO,LTD
Asaka Kosan Kaisha LTD
Asahi Sangyo CO,LTD
Employee 184 persons
Cooperated worker 500 persons
Number of ship Building
9 Vessels
Head Office 2-5-37 Tsuruya Machi Saiki City Oita

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TEL +81-972-22-3331
FAX +81-0972-25-0030
Builuding Areas 85,326 Square meter


 The Company, located marine resources city Saiki, was established in August 1988 after taking over the skills and facilities, which Usuki Iron Work KTD. Had been improving for 30 years, with supporting by Onomichi Dockyard Co., Ltd. Then the company has been organized under closing connection with Onomichi Dockyard after they having been major stockholder of Saiki Heavy Industries since March 1990.
The shipyard has cultivated shipbuilding skills in response to world shipping market through building not only many kind of bulk carriers and also high grade Passenger Ferry Boat, Product Chemical tanker.
The company has continually been trying to improve in high quality, acquired ISO-9001 already in 2000, and productivity, adopted new facility which are Paint and blasting shipbuilding with in the motto “Quality” and “The customer sincere and first”.
Saiki Heavy Industries is advancing with this spirit in the future too.


YEAR / M  
1988/8 Established Saiki Heavy Industries co., ltd.
1989/7 The first ship, M.V. "KEN WOOD" 22,000mt Log/Bulk Carrier, built under the Building Consignment Contract made between Onomichi Dockyard and Saiki Heavy Industries, was delivered.
1992/4 5 high-grade R0/R0 passenger Ferryboats were continually completed.
1995/6 The 25th ship of the series 22,000mt Log/Bulk Carrier, M.V. "BERNS", was delivered.
1995/8 The first ship of the series 23,000mt Log/Bulk Carrier constructed with double hull ship M.V. "KENYO", was delivered.
1998/3 The first ship 31,000mt Bulk Carrier constructed with box hold type double hull ship, M.V. "ASTRO ACE", was delivered.
2000/3 The first 31,000mt Bulk Carrier constructed complete open hatch type ship, M.V. "TELE OLDENDORFF", was delivered.
2002/8 The 20th ship of the series 31,000mt Bulk Carrier, M.V."UBC SAIKI", was delivered.
2002/11 Blasting and painting work shop was started.
2003/8 The first ship of the series 40,000mt Product Chemical Tanker, M.T "MOUNT FUJI", was delivered.
2004/12 The first ship of the series 38,000mt Super Open Hatch type Bulk Carrier, M.V. "UBC TAMPICO", was delivered.
2006/3 The first ship of the series 37,000mt Super Open Hatch type Bulk Carrier, M.V. "REGINA OLDENDORFF", was delivered.
2006/9 The 100th ship, since establish of the company, "WAKANATSU" R0/R0 Bulk Carrier, was delivered.
2006/11 The 100th ship, built under the Building Consignment Contact made between Onomichi Dockyard and Saiki Heavy Industries, M.T. "MOUNT KARAVA", was launched.
2007/7 Won the praise of SHIP OF THE YEAR 2006 "R0/R0 Cargo Ship WAKAMATSU".
2009/2 The first ship of the ball launching, 31,600mt Shaped type Log/Bulk Carrier, "TEQUILA SUNRISE", was launched.
2009/4 The first slide by tandem Construction, 37,000mt Super Box Bulk Carrier, "SUNSET" (Block of 1,085 tons).
2011/4 Establishment of new office.
2011/5 Introduction of shore crane of 300 tons for slip way.
2011/11 Establishment of No. 2 work shop for painting and blasting.